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Physics of Mushing
Personal Experiences

I moved to Alaska from Seattle when I was about four years old, and lived there until about age nine. Believe it or not, I lived in an actual house. Countless times, I have been asked whether I lived in an igloo. Oh, and a few other things while I'm at it: I did not own a husky, I've never been ice fishing, the sun DOES go down, and I DID NOT live in complete darkness during the winters.

However, there were several times when I would come home after school to find a moose standing in our front yard. I also snacked on icicles formed on our roof and the fresh snow piled in our yard. I also attended all of the events surrounding the Iditarod.

The Iditarod is one of the most famous dog sled races, and it takes place in Alaska, starting in Anchorage and ending in Nome. The festivities included a carnival which my parents took me and my sister to every year. Hundreds of people would show up for the start of the race, and watch as the mushers took their positions. All of the little kids, including myself, would watch intently as the dogs jumped up and down with excitement. Attending the Iditarod race was a tradition for my family, as it was for many other families living in Alaska.


**created by Helen Kwon**